License Notice

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All example code, graphics, and audio are free for personal or commercial use with no royalties.
Code License: MIT by Dan Nagle
Graphics/Sound License: CC-BY-3.0 by Dan Nagle
Engines distributed with respect to their licenses.


HTML5 Pong

This very simple pong game was written in pure HTML5. There are no dependencies.

HTML5 Audio Test

Example showing how to load HTML5 audio with different audio formats by letting the browser decide or using Modernizr. The example code is being released unlicensed. The song "Illuminations" is CC-BY-3.0


Tic-Tac-Toe implemented in EaselJS and CreateJS tool suite.

Crafty Pong

Crafty Pong was developed using the Crafty game engine.

Sky Marble

To play, drop bricks to center the marble inside the flying ring. Don't lose a marble! Sky Marble was developed using the Turbulenz 3D Game Engine. It features 2D physics with 3D effects.


MechaJet supports keyboard, mouse, and touch inputs. There is no end as levels 1 and 2 repeat forever. MechaJet was written using the Impact game engine.
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